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Our comprehensive range of products and services is designed to foster and promote our customers’ professional and business interests.
The relations our company has with hospitals are characterised by a predictable, stable business policy, which ensures the country’s institutional pharmacies have a reliable supply of medicines for their patients.
Hungaropharma is both a bridge and a pillar on the pharmaceuticals market; it maintains direct and almost daily-level communications and information flow between the manufacturers, pharmacies and hospitals.
Other customers
Our company is committed to providing a high-quality service to all of its partners. Our customers include veterinary health institutions, beauty clinics, health and beauty retailers, hypermarkets and other customers, too.
Commitment to quality is a natural part of our everyday operations. In addition to our highly qualified, committed employees, our quality management systems also contribute to our partners’ business success.
Warehousing services
The modern technology available, combined with Hungaropharma’s decades of experience, provides fast and accurate storage and related logistics solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors.

About the company

Hungaropharma Zrt. is a Hungarian-owned pharmaceuticals wholesale company. Our market share is nearly 40%, and we are among the Top 30 companies in Hungary on the basis of our net turnover. We have dealings with every participant in the pharmaceuticals business, with our partners including almost all private pharmacies, hospitals and other healthcare service providers, other pharmaceuticals wholesalers, as well as the National Health Insurance Fund Administration and the National Medical Officer Service. Due to this we have broad knowledge of both outpatient and inpatient care, and so, in addition to our high-standard general services, we are also able to meet a wide range of individual demands.
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